Side by Side is all about the love of good music, feeling the good vibez, and a rich variety of musical styles and artistic abilities...

We promote a selection of quality Dj's, Performers, Producers, Technicians and Designers; their sole aim's to present their styles & propogate their soundz to you.

SbS choses these artists very carefully for their dedication and excellence within their chosen musical careers.

SbS enables a platform for these artsist to communicate, create contacts, network and collaborate.

SbS offers these services:

* Quality Dj Bookings
* Artist Management/Promotion/Agency Service
* Track Production/Soundtracks/Engineering
* CD Duplication and Distribution
* Full Design/Aesthetics/Branding service
* Dj/Production Workshops (Coming Soon!)

For information on how you can become a part of Side By Side Music Uk, please contact Neil at: